Superior Safe Room Vs Ok Safe Room

Bullet-Proof Safe Room Doors

Door Security starts at invisibility. It doesn’t help if the entrance looks like a hatch that came off of a Naval Ship. Your safe zone could be compromised of a delivery driver or repair guy that spotted some kind of vault door. It gets criminals imaginations flowing. They could tip somebody off, you never know. Not only that, but let’s say worst case scenario, attackers make it inside. OK, but if they see you running to a large metal container with a vault lock, they will make the extra effort to ensure not everyone makes it inside vs. a normal looking bullet-proof door. Then, you could have a full-blown hostage situation on your hands.

Bullet-Proof Safe Room Walls

Others Safe Room Companies have always used ballistic kevlar fiber panels that have to be placed behind the drywall. They serve good, but they do not have the rigidity of an apoxy style concrete, and does require some demolition for installation.

On the ballistics side of things, woven fibers can eventually weaken if we’re talking multiple shooters, tight grouping, and a couple of magazine changes. In this line of work, we really have to address the worst possible outcome. Also, there is still steel-core armor piercing rounds on the market, and even deep penetration rounds available in all calibers.

Instead of absorbing the round (FMJ or JHP), it’s more safer to diffuse the round than to absorb it. A bullet-proof coating with maximum thickness does just that.

Natural Disasters: Hiding in the safest storm spot is smart thinking. With kevlar, it doesn’t weigh as much as concrete, so its more likely not withstand 130-160mph winds. Three or four connected concrete walls stacked to the ceiling makes for a better storm shelter.

Explosives: Grenades and Rocket launchers aren’t every day threats, but when most pay the money for a safe room, they are expecting the most safety as possible. Different kevlar panels have different fire ratings, while modern and organic concrete compounds make for an excellent flame retardant with zero flame spread.

Panic Room Communication

Just about any cellular alarm panel can be defeated with an inexpensive GSM Jammer. In a recent movie called “Home Invasion”, one was brought along with also a Police scanner. For high profile individuals, every weak link has to be considered.

A dedicated Buried Phone line serves best, followed by broadband for triple redundancy. Plan D would be having a charged Sat. phone on stand-by.

If 100% is desired, everything has to be superior.

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